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a hodgepodge of issues


My current favorite legislative tracking site, Countable.  It explains bills, past and current, in layman’s terms, bipartisan pros and cons, allows me to weigh in, allows me to send my representative and senators a message on whether I am for or against, and gives me my representatives’ voting record in real time.  Hopefully this is […]

Specific Legislation


Latest updates (5/20/17), added new link under Related Links, 5/20/17:   The following video is not intended to be pedantic, rather, for some levity and nostalgia (Dave Frishberg, Schoolhouse Rock!, 1976): *some caveats: With this Trump administration, there are so many issues to tackle.  A woman at a meeting the other night described it like […]

religion and politics


the answer to: What are two conversation topics most likely to piss people off? Anyways…I shouldn’t be ranting now, I have other crap I have to be doing, but I needed to vent…somewhere.  The hindsight point is that I should have known better, even bringing up a political discussion is going to end in nastiness.  […]

Civil Rights


I just discovered this new form of creative protest, and I love it.  Send a knitted uterus to a congressman to send the message, “If I give you a uterus, will you leave mine alone?”  I’ve gotten sick of the swath of civil rights violations I hear pouring out from the media.  It makes me […]