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New Organization


What party/political spectrum are you quizzes: Pew Research Center’s two-party spectrum quiz GoToQuiz’s much more broad political compass quiz (I’m sure there are countless others, I took one around election time from isidewith, which was American and generally two-party with some others, very exhaustive, covering the issues – to what degree there were – from […]

impending electoral dysphoria


Electoral Dysphoria – a proposal for a new DSM diagnosis, a subcategory of anxiety, with symptoms including restlessness, inability to sleep, heightened anxiety lasting until November 9th, nausea, headache, fits of rage, spontaneous bursts of ranting, and the desire to punch people in the face… Down-ticket voting: A good place to research your ballot and […]

NY Daily News: “Bury Trump in a Landslide”


New York Daily News, 10/20/16 Bearing in mind that New York Daily News, a subsidiary of Chicago Tribune, is a tabloid and this piece an editorial, my hatred of Trump knows no bounds, and my ire’s grown exhausted.  So I search for those who can more eloquently and succinctly encapsulate my rage.  I think I’d […]