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Switched at Birth, season 5


Season 5, episode 1, “The Call.”   Even if people are unfamiliar with the show, I’d like people to watch this episode.  I loved Switched at Birth, by the way.  It’s a show that was on a network formerly known as ABC Family, which decided to go “edgier,” I suppose, and is now Freeform.  The official […]

Protest and participate


Updates: 12/2/16 Petition: If the Trump administration decides to create a Muslim registry, the American public should all register as Muslims ( 11/28/16  updated links Protest dates   ——————————————————————————————————————————– Despite the deep divides, we are all in this together.  Most Americans probably do want some similar things, such as jobs, improved economy, increased minimum wage, […]

The Extremism of Trump


  “The Warmth of Trump” in the first debate   Trump on Women: Trump’s misogynistic comments, video from 2005 resurfacing “From a Mother to Her Son, On ‘Locker Room Banter’” Yahoo Beauty, Elle, Sarah Taylor Peck, 10/10/16 ( see below for my rant about this     ——————————————————————————————————————————— Trump and fascism . . . On […]

First Presidential Debate 2016 outline


The debate video and transcript, and my source for Trump and Hillary quotes is here. (New York Times) My bias: strongly left leaning, certainly, but self-identified Independent full disclosure: I do reference some left-leaning sources, such as Young Turks, and Rachel Maddow.  But I am trying to keep my summation of the debate fair.  My […]

By any other name: U.S. and Torture


So much for cheery holiday thoughts.  What a world I live in.  The anniversary of Sandy Hook, which sadly points out that mass shootings have become common place and no one did anything with regard to even examining gun control or proper availability of psychiatric care… 1984 is no longer myth (not that it was […]