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Correspondents’ Dinner 2017


LoBianco, T. (2/24/17). “Five takeaways from the Republican town halls,” CNN, ( Peters, M. (2/25/17). “Trump Will Be First President in 36 Years To Skip White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” NPR, (

Election 2016 links


I just wanted to post what I think are some relevant links.  And try to corral my links all in one place. (a work in progress…) Sections: Outline of the outline: I.  2016 Debates II.  Bigotry .. II. 1a.  Misogyny .. II. 2.  Race Issues .. II. 3.  Religion III.  Trump’s general meanness IV.  Trump […]

First Presidential Debate 2016 outline


The debate video and transcript, and my source for Trump and Hillary quotes is here. (New York Times) My bias: strongly left leaning, certainly, but self-identified Independent full disclosure: I do reference some left-leaning sources, such as Young Turks, and Rachel Maddow.  But I am trying to keep my summation of the debate fair.  My […]