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It Can’t Happen Here


An excerpt from the book, It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis (1935). “If Bishop Prang, our Savonarola in a Cadillac 16, swings his radio audience and his League of Forgotten Men to Buzz Windrip, Buzz will win.  People will think they’re electing him to create more economic security.  Then watch the Terror! God knows […]

Jon Stewart for President, 2016


Jon Stewart for President, 2016.  no, really. On the left, with Hillary Clinton, who’s husband already served the full terms for president, and on the right with Jeb Bush (leader of fuck-up Florida – come on, you know it), brother to one president, son to another, if knowing nothing else, shouldn’t any American be weary […]

By any other name: U.S. and Torture


So much for cheery holiday thoughts.  What a world I live in.  The anniversary of Sandy Hook, which sadly points out that mass shootings have become common place and no one did anything with regard to even examining gun control or proper availability of psychiatric care… 1984 is no longer myth (not that it was […]