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Is something more sinister going on?


Is something more sinister going on? First off, I don’t like conspiracy theories.  I don’t reject them whole handedly, neither do I subscribe to them easily.  Thing is, I’m skeptical of everything.  I try to vet my news sources, try to find accredited sources. My blogs: Critical Thinking resistance is… It Can’t Happen Here familiar? […]

The Extremism of Trump


  “The Warmth of Trump” in the first debate   Trump on Women: Trump’s misogynistic comments, video from 2005 resurfacing “From a Mother to Her Son, On ‘Locker Room Banter’” Yahoo Beauty, Elle, Sarah Taylor Peck, 10/10/16 ( see below for my rant about this     ——————————————————————————————————————————— Trump and fascism . . . On […]

It Can’t Happen Here


An excerpt from the book, It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis (1935). “If Bishop Prang, our Savonarola in a Cadillac 16, swings his radio audience and his League of Forgotten Men to Buzz Windrip, Buzz will win.  People will think they’re electing him to create more economic security.  Then watch the Terror! God knows […]

I’m scared