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Protest and participate


Updates: 12/2/16 Petition: If the Trump administration decides to create a Muslim registry, the American public should all register as Muslims ( 11/28/16  updated links Protest dates   ——————————————————————————————————————————– Despite the deep divides, we are all in this together.  Most Americans probably do want some similar things, such as jobs, improved economy, increased minimum wage, […]

Total Recall 1950s or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet


Wishing I was about a decade older and actually learned in American history… Caveat: I know my following rant will likely have no substance, no substantiation, just “feelings” and “off the cuff,” will be generalized and simplistic, and perhaps emotionally charged.  If so, I blame contemporary American politics and propaganda, for propagating and feeding off […]

Punk and protest alive and well…?


I’ve been ranting for years against my generation (I’m either Gen-X or post-genX, depending on the cut-off).  Each generation typically creates a new form of music, art, and expression.  The passion, or displacement, of youth each decade usually fuels response to political and social injustice.  Over the decades, there have always been the intelligent creative […]