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First 2015 Republican Presidential Candidate Debate(s)


The “Top 10” Debate: Here are the official links: FoxNews’ “Top 10” Debate, aka Debate part 2, aka “the debate” (as if the first one didn’t exist): FoxNews’ debate part 1, aka Junior Varsity debate, aka “Happy Hour” debate, aka kids’ table debate:   Up first, some background, who are these candidates: Who […]

Jon Stewart for President, 2016


Jon Stewart for President, 2016.  no, really. On the left, with Hillary Clinton, who’s husband already served the full terms for president, and on the right with Jeb Bush (leader of fuck-up Florida – come on, you know it), brother to one president, son to another, if knowing nothing else, shouldn’t any American be weary […]

American voting


I’m glad the election is over.  I informed myself of the issues, I voted, and am fairly content with the outcome (local ballot measures aside).  Unless the votes are still coming in and it’s not official, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock did not win, which pleases me.  Unfortunately, I still can’t set my skepticism and […]