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Action for the Day


Latest updates (5/06/17) . ——————————————————————————————————————— Given everything about the Trump administration, we all have to do more than we have been doing.  How can we turn anger, frustration, and despair into progress; how can we turn a march into a movement, as protestors were saying?  So I decided to start an action of the day […]

Satire, joke, reality or all of the above…


And for some more comedy-satire therapy…



(I am not finished with this post, these are some of my questions at the moment, but I thought I’d publish it for now, until I have time to do some research to answer some of my thoughts.) Stephenson, E. (1/13/17).  After Trump tweet, ethics office to U.S. employees: do not endorse products, Reuters, Yahoo! […]

protesting Inauguration Day


(I love Agent XPQ.)   As for protesting Inauguration Day, if you are in the DC area, here is a map for pedestrian walking routes, the parade route, and a list of non-permitted items, found here. If you are looking for bus transportation to DC, here are some run by AnswerCoalition: Connecticut : New Haven […]



and no, it’s not because I’m a sore loser. and yes, I should be positive, constructive, and helpful, rather than sulky and mad. but, well, I ain’t that noble of a person. maybe I’ll get to the positive, where now things, but in this moment… let me listen to “Demagogue” again, and then Luther the […]

wish fulfillment


(warning: adult content)  

resistance is…


(futile?) What to do:   Protests: Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017: DC: US Capitol Building, (all day) Washington Peace Center Chicago: Buses to DC ( 5pm, Trump Tower, 401 N Wabash Ave. ( January 21st, 2017: DC: Million Women March, 10am, Independence Ave. and Third St. ( ———————————————————————————————————————————– Petitions: My blog post: “Armchair activism: […]

Electoral College Day!


Updates: watch protests live: Texas: Electoral College Petition: ————————————————————————————————————————————— Today’s the day. If you are near a state capitol, get out and, peacefully, protest. Here is a link to find protests in your state: For those of you who engage in social media, people are posting messages to electors under #ElectoralCollege. “Electors Against Trump […]

Armchair activism: petition city


Trump’s competence: “I challenge Donald Trump to take the naturalization test,” by Senator Harry Reid, to Donald Trump ( Harry Reid on Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, on Civil Rights, 11/15/16, CSPAN, YouTube Steve Bannon: (good luck finding anything non-partisan on Steve Bannon, he’s either painted as an anti-establishment populist hero, or a divisive extremely bigoted […]

LGBT rights and discrimination


Update: 12/9/16, links   As I figured, it’s already happening.  No, Trump nor Pence caused anti-LGBT discrimination.  Just as they didn’t create racism.  But they threw/continue to throw fuel on the fire, using fear and bigotry to obtain and maintain votes and power.  I would like to live in a world where racism, bigotry, rape, […]