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post-midterms 2018


11/7/18 written this morning:  [.] …I think my mood is basically pessimistic. of course, I’m a pessimistic person by nature.  [.] Two years.  (three if you count horrible 2015-2016 election season) Two years of the Trump admin. being as bad or worse than people feared. Muslim ban (in effect). Children in cages. pulling out of […]

song of the night…well, WONC


Ok, I’m listening to WONC (89.1) (Chicago suburbs) their Vintage Rock hour right now.  I have a penchant for garage rock aka psychedelic rock, so it’s right up my alley.  and tonight’s DJ is on fire.  I love when they do obscure stuff and not just the typical.  and that seems to be on point […]

Depression: Tired


I don’t feel (have the energy) to really write right now.  I’m tired.  That grogginess of foggy sleep-brain.  Today I tried and failed to wake up “earlier,” was up for a little bit, then fell into a nap/sleep/depression coma thing mid-day.  still exhausted.  and all I kept thinking, kept repeating to myself, was that I […]

I suppose that’s one way to look at it


xmas and depression, 2015


caveat: rated R for undiluted cynicism   For those of us who have depression, the holiday season, usually from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, can be brutal.  It can be brutally depressing even for those who aren’t depressed otherwise. I don’t really care to elaborate too much.  Suffice to say, it’s not hard to see why.  […]

Depression: 21 Tips


Depression is bleakness and pain and hopelessness.  It’s your mind endlessly repeating everything that is fucked up about you and your life and the world.  There really doesn’t seem to be a way out.  Or at least your brain reasons out all options.  It makes everything harder.  Like trying to move through mud.  And, on […]

Depression: interconnection


After watching this video, I could empathize with the author over how irritating or “you just don’t get it”-ness that first co-worker could be. (at the risk of the pretentiousness of self-reference, my post on “advice”)  I get it, the juxtaposition of their good mood and optimism against your own, or the seeming (not necessarily […]

The Inconsolable Mr. Pompwell


Originally posted on Lydia's Train of Thought:
The Inconsolable Mr. Pompwell No tears, no tissues, nothing at all No desolate widow, no grieving children, Comfortless, pointless, meaningless He sat at his window staring out over the sea, with the dark clouds only accents to his mood. Finally alone but hollow with success, he stood,…

Depression and …cake?


  Founder Emma Thomas, aka Miss Cakehead, has spear-headed a project that uses baked goods to raise awareness of depression.  Apparently this Depressed Cake Shop can appear anywhere, like some roving gray charity bakesale.  I am intrigued and supportive of the concept.  Plus makes for interesting food art. Related Links: The Depressed Cake Shop How […]

Depression: on the facade


Sometimes I have a conscious facade that I maintain, other times not.  I think it depends on what age I was, which is a reflection of the degree to which I was aware of social conventions, the degree to which I cared, and how much energy I had to maintain a facade if I even […]