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Armchair activism: petition city


Trump’s competence: “I challenge Donald Trump to take the naturalization test,” by Senator Harry Reid, to Donald Trump ( Harry Reid on Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, on Civil Rights, 11/15/16, CSPAN, YouTube Steve Bannon: (good luck finding anything non-partisan on Steve Bannon, he’s either painted as an anti-establishment populist hero, or a divisive extremely bigoted […]

Reasonable Fear? aka Fear v. Freedom: Ebola edition


I’m as alarmed as anyone about the current Ebola crisis, both globally and quasi-locally.  I know there’s massive panic, both intuitively, and fed by the media, which feeds on hype. I also do have the sense that, in the United States at least, freedoms can and have been sacrificed, unduly and unreasonably, under the mantle […]