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Am I in a democracy (by which I mean free press) (by which I mean U.S.) any more?


11/27/17 update: well, there goes one of my favorite magazines:   Hey devoted readers and passersby, Sorry for not being on top of the blogging.  On of many reasons being, you know, the election.  I took it seriously, did the homework, studied the debates.  and, you know, fucknut won anyway.  So then I went […]



Naperville’s GoFundMe page   Well, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, after all… ok, from pussies back to birds: a classic: and this will either brighten your day or drive you up a wall, but when I think bird-related songs, how could I resist:   and this one is completely new to me, […]

Song of the Evening


I’m not able to quit politics, though I should.  or at least put it out of my mind for some time.  Politics is a bad hobby to have.  no joy, no enjoyment, no recreation, only frustration, anger, despair, mostly.  Plus, since I am so…absorbed… it’s all I feel I have to talk about.  not that […]

Action for the Day


Latest updates (5/06/17) . ——————————————————————————————————————— Given everything about the Trump administration, we all have to do more than we have been doing.  How can we turn anger, frustration, and despair into progress; how can we turn a march into a movement, as protestors were saying?  So I decided to start an action of the day […]

Day Three: Photos from DC Inauguration Protest and Women’s March


DC Inauguration Protest, 1/20/17: Waiting in line approaching 7th and D, in DC, to get through a checkpoint to get to Navy Memorial.  I waited from 6am-9am to get in, thousands were still waiting throughout the day.  Just talking to the people in the small radius around me, there were people from Chicago (Illinois), Indiana, […]

Electoral College Day!


Updates: watch protests live: Texas: Electoral College Petition: ————————————————————————————————————————————— Today’s the day. If you are near a state capitol, get out and, peacefully, protest. Here is a link to find protests in your state: For those of you who engage in social media, people are posting messages to electors under #ElectoralCollege. “Electors Against Trump […]