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my kudos to the DJ


overheard on Vintage Rock on the radio tonight. (I’ve heard it before.  But now, it seems timely.)

Protest and participate


Updates: 12/2/16 Petition: If the Trump administration decides to create a Muslim registry, the American public should all register as Muslims ( 11/28/16  updated links Protest dates   ——————————————————————————————————————————– Despite the deep divides, we are all in this together.  Most Americans probably do want some similar things, such as jobs, improved economy, increased minimum wage, […]

my America


America is supposed to be a melting pot of freedom for everyone.  It’s hard, it’s complicated, there are no easy answers.  But hate and intolerance can’t win.  Blaming any disenfranchised group (including white men by the way), which also unfairly lumps people together, won’t solve complex economic problems.  It’s easier to criticize than to find […]