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Games part II: creative evolving beasts


      on to the games: I haven’t played either of the following games, but they intrigue me.  I guess this is part two of my board game wishlist.  (part one here) Evolution: A board game where you try to create and maintain many species, can give them characteristics to help them survive, and […]

Game Renaissance


I figured I’d try something a little different blog post-wise.  (I end up ranting about politics, but I originally thought of my blog as a space for any random rant that could pop through my head…)  Something uplifting is needed…at least for me in these times… So I’m a big fan of board games, some […]

if you can’t beat ’em…


Cyanide and Happiness, Cyanide and Happiness’ new game, Joking Hazard, on Beer and Board Games …Cyanide and Happiness on depression