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Automata …and hurdy gurdys


I thought I needed to put in something whimsical.  I like mechanical things. and whimsy. and creativity. “I Feel, therefore I Am,” Paul Spooner “It’s an Uphill Battle,” Conquergood Creative “A Horse of a Different Color,” Conquergood Creative   … I got sidetracked into thinking about instruments.  which are always a fascination for me.  and […]

Depression: Tired


I don’t feel (have the energy) to really write right now.  I’m tired.  That grogginess of foggy sleep-brain.  Today I tried and failed to wake up “earlier,” was up for a little bit, then fell into a nap/sleep/depression coma thing mid-day.  still exhausted.  and all I kept thinking, kept repeating to myself, was that I […]



There’s something about this theater scene that haunts me, while simultaneously providing an eerie comfort of familiarity.  This artist has taken on the theme, at least in my humble interpretation, of alienation, obscurity, or loss of individuality amidst the world at large.  Whether the blunt instrument which erases individuals is industrialization, commercialization, capitalism, communism, the […]