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Action for the Day


Latest updates (5/06/17) . ——————————————————————————————————————— Given everything about the Trump administration, we all have to do more than we have been doing.  How can we turn anger, frustration, and despair into progress; how can we turn a march into a movement, as protestors were saying?  So I decided to start an action of the day […]

Day Three: Photos from DC Inauguration Protest and Women’s March


DC Inauguration Protest, 1/20/17: Waiting in line approaching 7th and D, in DC, to get through a checkpoint to get to Navy Memorial.  I waited from 6am-9am to get in, thousands were still waiting throughout the day.  Just talking to the people in the small radius around me, there were people from Chicago (Illinois), Indiana, […]

protesting Inauguration Day


(I love Agent XPQ.)   As for protesting Inauguration Day, if you are in the DC area, here is a map for pedestrian walking routes, the parade route, and a list of non-permitted items, found here. If you are looking for bus transportation to DC, here are some run by AnswerCoalition: Connecticut : New Haven […]