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my America (part 2): O’Hare airport


ok, so, it’s circulating around about a man being dragged off a plane, United Airlines, at O’Hare, today, 4/10/17. some time today, I heard a little bit of this on NPR.  The bit I heard didn’t seem empathetic to the man taken off the plane.  There was brief audio of screaming, and then a calm […]

song(s) of the night, 2017 edition


and I’m a huge garage rock fan, this on one of my top lists, The Sparkles:

my America


America is supposed to be a melting pot of freedom for everyone.  It’s hard, it’s complicated, there are no easy answers.  But hate and intolerance can’t win.  Blaming any disenfranchised group (including white men by the way), which also unfairly lumps people together, won’t solve complex economic problems.  It’s easier to criticize than to find […]

Petition to Electoral College voters


  Petition to Electoral College voters, There is a petition to the Electoral College voters to vote against their state to swing the election to Hillary Clinton.  In many states, this is not illegal, and even in states where it is prohibited, there is only a small fine.  This is actually constitutional to prevent […]

Patriotism and The Interview movie


Why I think going to pay to see The Interview, may be a patriotic act: I don’t suppose I have ever considered myself patriotic.  I’m not a particular fan of flag waving or anthems.  I would argue for anyone’s right to be able to serve in the military, such as being against Don’t Ask Don’t […]