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Back in My Day


  I like the concept of this bit, speaks to me and my – I feel older while realizing I’m not that much older – sense.  I’ve been known to get on a couple “kids these days” soapboxes, and perhaps reminisce about a prior time – that was not that long ago.  Maybe things change […]

Armchair activism: petition city


Trump’s competence: “I challenge Donald Trump to take the naturalization test,” by Senator Harry Reid, to Donald Trump ( Harry Reid on Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, on Civil Rights, 11/15/16, CSPAN, YouTube Steve Bannon: (good luck finding anything non-partisan on Steve Bannon, he’s either painted as an anti-establishment populist hero, or a divisive extremely bigoted […]

Petition to Electoral College voters


  Petition to Electoral College voters, There is a petition to the Electoral College voters to vote against their state to swing the election to Hillary Clinton.  In many states, this is not illegal, and even in states where it is prohibited, there is only a small fine.  This is actually constitutional to prevent […]

what now?


I was following the election online in the midst of throwing back whiskey and typing out distressed disjointed emails as frantic tethers in vain hopes of not feeling alone.  I passed out – as one does with alcohol.  and came to around 1:30 am (central).  The election was still close.  and then, like some hazy […]

Star Trek Trump parody


(yay, this exists.)

NY Daily News: “Bury Trump in a Landslide”


New York Daily News, 10/20/16 Bearing in mind that New York Daily News, a subsidiary of Chicago Tribune, is a tabloid and this piece an editorial, my hatred of Trump knows no bounds, and my ire’s grown exhausted.  So I search for those who can more eloquently and succinctly encapsulate my rage.  I think I’d […]

go Michelle Obama.


Election 2016 links


I just wanted to post what I think are some relevant links.  And try to corral my links all in one place. (a work in progress…) Sections: Outline of the outline: I.  2016 Debates II.  Bigotry .. II. 1a.  Misogyny .. II. 2.  Race Issues .. II. 3.  Religion III.  Trump’s general meanness IV.  Trump […]

It Can’t Happen Here


An excerpt from the book, It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis (1935). “If Bishop Prang, our Savonarola in a Cadillac 16, swings his radio audience and his League of Forgotten Men to Buzz Windrip, Buzz will win.  People will think they’re electing him to create more economic security.  Then watch the Terror! God knows […]

I’m scared