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my kudos to the DJ


overheard on Vintage Rock on the radio tonight. (I’ve heard it before.  But now, it seems timely.)

Song of the Night: “Pushin’ Too Hard,” The Seeds


First off, I apologize for the poor audio quality.  all I can get from YouTube.  I want to showcase some of my favorite songs to you guys, my followers and the void, but I also feel I am doing you a disservice, as you only hear this quality, not doing it justice.  but I guess […]

Song of the Evening


I’m not able to quit politics, though I should.  or at least put it out of my mind for some time.  Politics is a bad hobby to have.  no joy, no enjoyment, no recreation, only frustration, anger, despair, mostly.  Plus, since I am so…absorbed… it’s all I feel I have to talk about.  not that […]

Song of the Day: “Carrie Anne”


The Hollies, “Carrie Anne,” (1967)

music break


I wish I could say, to myself namely, enough of politics already.  It’s a bad hobby to have, if you can call it that. ok, so… The current songs floating through my head include Jackie DeShannon’s “When You Walk in the Room,” and the über catchy “In the Year 2525” (by Zager & Evans). food […]