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Automata …and hurdy gurdys


I thought I needed to put in something whimsical.  I like mechanical things. and whimsy. and creativity. “I Feel, therefore I Am,” Paul Spooner “It’s an Uphill Battle,” Conquergood Creative “A Horse of a Different Color,” Conquergood Creative   … I got sidetracked into thinking about instruments.  which are always a fascination for me.  and […]

Dylan Moran: types of alcohol


Ok, so I deleted my late night drunken I-hate-work-and-everything-is-shit rant from last night.  But I’ll replace it with this.  This guy gets it.

Back in My Day


  I like the concept of this bit, speaks to me and my – I feel older while realizing I’m not that much older – sense.  I’ve been known to get on a couple “kids these days” soapboxes, and perhaps reminisce about a prior time – that was not that long ago.  Maybe things change […]

Games part II: creative evolving beasts


      on to the games: I haven’t played either of the following games, but they intrigue me.  I guess this is part two of my board game wishlist.  (part one here) Evolution: A board game where you try to create and maintain many species, can give them characteristics to help them survive, and […]

Game Renaissance


I figured I’d try something a little different blog post-wise.  (I end up ranting about politics, but I originally thought of my blog as a space for any random rant that could pop through my head…)  Something uplifting is needed…at least for me in these times… So I’m a big fan of board games, some […]

“Fearless Girl”


True story, there was this one time I… but that’s beside the point. “Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media,” New York Times, ( “The Story of ‘The Fearless Girl,’ From the Women at McCann Who Made Her,” Adweek, (’s petition to make the statue permanent (although I don’t know if […]

good TV: save Timeless


For me, it’s hard for me to find a good TV show that I am really into.  Though when I get hooked, I get really hooked.  I love Timeless.  It’s probably the only TV show I talk about right now.  What’s not to love?  It’s smart, it has funny moments, action, adventure, features a 3-person […]

go larry wilmore


and I think Milo is a bully and performance artist troll hiding behind a veil of political ideology but what do I know, I’m just a stupid evil sensitive snowflake crying liberal pussy sjw… come at me… “this guy has done things that has allowed you to fucking live”



Laura Jane Grace interview on Daily Show with Trevor Noah, here (comedycentral) ——————————————————————————————————————— A two-part post tonight.  I was watching various YouTube videos, videos on personal experiences with Aspbergers, among other things, and thought I’d share that.  and then I thought about Laura Jane Grace, because I’d seen an interview with her on Daily Show […]

Wild West: hidden awesome people


I was just watching the latest episode of NBC’s Timeless, which features Bass Reeves, a historical figure I had never heard of before.  I was intrigued and upon a little internet digging, this man, and Grant Johnson, were pretty amazing.  They have to make a movie about Bass Reeves. Bass Reeves’ wikipedia Bass Reeves ( […]