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What good is protesting anyway?


  “So what good is protesting anyway?” A legitimate question I hear now, and from “both sides of the aisle,” “opponents” and “compatriots” alike.” I have heard this question a lot these days.  So much so that I felt I needed to answer, while also knowing this question is complex and I don’t feel I […]

my America (part 2): O’Hare airport


ok, so, it’s circulating around about a man being dragged off a plane, United Airlines, at O’Hare, today, 4/10/17. some time today, I heard a little bit of this on NPR.  The bit I heard didn’t seem empathetic to the man taken off the plane.  There was brief audio of screaming, and then a calm […]

New Organization


What party/political spectrum are you quizzes: Pew Research Center’s two-party spectrum quiz GoToQuiz’s much more broad political compass quiz (I’m sure there are countless others, I took one around election time from isidewith, which was American and generally two-party with some others, very exhaustive, covering the issues – to what degree there were – from […]

Local Elections: last minute notice


  Ok, so, for some there are local elections coming up.  I know it’s hard to get into them.  hell, I’m pretty political these days and it’s only a couple days out and I barely know who’s running and so on and so forth.  Plus, I’m futilistic as hell these days.  Still, I figure I’d […]



Naperville’s GoFundMe page   Well, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, after all… ok, from pussies back to birds: a classic: and this will either brighten your day or drive you up a wall, but when I think bird-related songs, how could I resist:   and this one is completely new to me, […]

“Fearless Girl”


True story, there was this one time I… but that’s beside the point. “Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media,” New York Times, ( “The Story of ‘The Fearless Girl,’ From the Women at McCann Who Made Her,” Adweek, (’s petition to make the statue permanent (although I don’t know if […]

viral aka too sensitive


first off, terms, viral not as in actual, but social. point two, I really don’t understand people. the picture launching a thousand words, this: Let’s say, for point of argument, I am aspberg-y and can’t really understand people.  also, me being me, I overthink. The caption/title to this on Yahoo was “Future that Liberals want” […]

Correspondents’ Dinner 2017


LoBianco, T. (2/24/17). “Five takeaways from the Republican town halls,” CNN, ( Peters, M. (2/25/17). “Trump Will Be First President in 36 Years To Skip White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” NPR, (

White House survey


Take the White House survey ( to let the administration know your input.

Specific Legislation


Latest updates (4/26/17):   The following video is not intended to be pedantic, rather, for some levity and nostalgia (Dave Frishberg, Schoolhouse Rock!, 1976): *some caveats: With this Trump administration, there are so many issues to tackle.  A woman at a meeting the other night described it like needing to wave fly paper around to […]