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my kudos to the DJ


overheard on Vintage Rock on the radio tonight. (I’ve heard it before.  But now, it seems timely.)

Automata …and hurdy gurdys


I thought I needed to put in something whimsical.  I like mechanical things. and whimsy. and creativity. “I Feel, therefore I Am,” Paul Spooner “It’s an Uphill Battle,” Conquergood Creative “A Horse of a Different Color,” Conquergood Creative   … I got sidetracked into thinking about instruments.  which are always a fascination for me.  and […]

Roy Moore theme song?


music at ya


in honor of upcoming Halloween


Song of the Day: The Wipers, “Ruby,”…


caveat: I know the following video is the full album, when I really just wanted to feature “Over the Edge,” the title track, but this video does seem to have the best quality that I’ve seen in a youtube search. I heard the following on the way to work today.  I think this is the […]

Song of the Day: “Eye in the Sky”


I have had this song really stuck in my head for the past few days now.  good song.  enjoy. have a good day all.

song of the night…well, WONC


Ok, I’m listening to WONC (89.1) (Chicago suburbs) their Vintage Rock hour right now.  I have a penchant for garage rock aka psychedelic rock, so it’s right up my alley.  and tonight’s DJ is on fire.  I love when they do obscure stuff and not just the typical.  and that seems to be on point […]

song of the night: Rag’n’Bone Man – “Human”


I guess I’m not so subtle with the titles.  I was just heading out in my car on this rainy night and caught the latter half of this song on the radio.  new to me.  wonder if it’s a relatively new song, but still has an older feel.  (more on that later…maybe)  I instantly liked […]

song of the day: “Take a Little Rhythm”


I actually heard this on the radio today (87.7 MeTV radio, to be exact), during a drive.  heard the lyrics and it seemed fitting. unrelated, but another one of my all time favorites, that also has a story behind it, for me anyways… “I can feel something pounding in my brain” (yeah, me too) I […]