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song of the night…well, WONC


Ok, I’m listening to WONC (89.1) (Chicago suburbs) their Vintage Rock hour right now.  I have a penchant for garage rock aka psychedelic rock, so it’s right up my alley.  and tonight’s DJ is on fire.  I love when they do obscure stuff and not just the typical.  and that seems to be on point […]

song of the night: Rag’n’Bone Man – “Human”


I guess I’m not so subtle with the titles.  I was just heading out in my car on this rainy night and caught the latter half of this song on the radio.  new to me.  wonder if it’s a relatively new song, but still has an older feel.  (more on that later…maybe)  I instantly liked […]

song of the day: “Take a Little Rhythm”


I actually heard this on the radio today (87.7 MeTV radio, to be exact), during a drive.  heard the lyrics and it seemed fitting. unrelated, but another one of my all time favorites, that also has a story behind it, for me anyways… “I can feel something pounding in my brain” (yeah, me too) I […]

Song of the Night: “Pushin’ Too Hard,” The Seeds


First off, I apologize for the poor audio quality.  all I can get from YouTube.  I want to showcase some of my favorite songs to you guys, my followers and the void, but I also feel I am doing you a disservice, as you only hear this quality, not doing it justice.  but I guess […]



Naperville’s GoFundMe page   Well, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, after all… ok, from pussies back to birds: a classic: and this will either brighten your day or drive you up a wall, but when I think bird-related songs, how could I resist:   and this one is completely new to me, […]

Song of the Day: Handsome Family, “Drunk by Noon”


(I’m a happy person.)   …my blog link to the f*** Trump songs… just a thought to myself, I never did get all the way down the list, and maybe it might perversely perk me up?  music’s kinda my thing. I’ve mentioned Franz Ferdinand’s “Demagogue” a million times, only ‘cuz I love that song so […]

song(s) of the evening: Elvis Costello, George Harrison…


First, an apt Elvis Costello song, brought to mind by “Morning Joe” Scarborough on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2/21/17. and then, a classic let me collapse into my sorrow song, “Beware of Darkness”   ah, angry girl rock… Dresden Dolls’ “Girl Anachronism”… use of the piano’s interesting… anyways… I could go with Hole, especially […]

song(s) of the night, 2017 edition


and I’m a huge garage rock fan, this on one of my top lists, The Sparkles:

Song of the Night: “Live Bed Show”


Pulp – “Live Bed Show”     Related Links: Howson, N. (9/1/14). Media Monday: 16 Comics That Explain Depression, Defying Shadows, (  

Song of the Day: “Dark Days” – Punch Brothers