restaurant employees

Hello all,

I know it’s been forever since I’ve last written.  Today, I went to one of my favorite restaurants and the waiter told me that if we leave a tip with a card, the owner takes the tip and that employees only receive tips if they are in cash.

I felt so horrible, since I didn’t have any cash on me.  And I thought, this is so wrong. This has to be illegal.  Not enough that businesses can technically legally pay waiters under minimum wage, under the reasoning that they get tips.  Only to then take those tips.  That’s double dipping.  And abusive.  Plus, not to mention that these days, a lot of people only pay with cards.

I looked it up and it is currently illegal for an employer to take an employee’s tips. Under the Fair Labor and Standards Act of 2018.

(not to mention that the Trump administration tried to allow employers to do this with a 2017 proposal.  due to public outcry, this was fortunately reversed with the 2018 proposal)

So I went and created a petition about this.  …I’m not even trying to change legislation here, just allow current laws to be enforced, so that these waiters are allowed to have their tips.

Will you sign my petition?

thank you.


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