Automata …and hurdy gurdys

I thought I needed to put in something whimsical.  I like mechanical things. and whimsy. and creativity.

“I Feel, therefore I Am,” Paul Spooner

“It’s an Uphill Battle,” Conquergood Creative

“A Horse of a Different Color,” Conquergood Creative


… I got sidetracked into thinking about instruments.  which are always a fascination for me.  and landed upon the hurdy gurdy.  Maybe, some other time, I’ll do a write-up on it.  for now, I’ll just be lazy and link some videos.  I figure it could fit here, speaking of mechanical creations.  …and credit to a show I used to follow, House, for having a hurdy-gurdy reference.


and just saw this.  hell yes.  love the traditional, acoustic, and medieval.  but also love experimentation and finding a way to rock the hurdy gurdy.

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