cracked: some news: guns

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  1. Well, somebody is winning when we have these high-profile shootings, usually Ruger, Smith & Wesson…etc. Its all about money and anyone of us is expendable.

    • I usually don’t jump in much on the whole gun debate. But they always say “now is not the time to talk about it,” there’s some rustle, some postering, and nothing is done. But when is the time then? I think it was Sandy Hook that did it for me…. not only that that happened, but that, the day after, people rushed out and bought more guns. …as soon as I even begin to begin to say something, I almost immediately hear, “You want to take my guns away.” No, no I don’t and not at all. People can need guns, to hunt, to feed themselves, to keep deer populations down – and often the carcasses are donated to feed the hungry. (that’s what I am most ok with) yes, I start to balk at recreational shooting and personal arsenals and all that, but even still, a right, right? I don’t want to take anyone’s gun away. I just would like some stuff like universal background checks, maybe no automatic or semi-automatic weapons, nor stuff that modifies it to be like such. hey, maybe a training class. I have heard – and I apologize upfront for not having the data, that other countries mandate that you take a 101 class before they give you a gun. I like that. I would like that. take me, I know nothing about guns, at all. I don’t know how to put bullets in the thing. If I were to buy one, I feel I would need to take a class to know how to use the thing. Classes are available. But I get the feeling they are optional. I kinda feel they should be mandatory. so, you know guns? ok, have a klep test. for the youngins… ok..say something like a driver’s license… that you have to take a class and pass a test to use a said thing, but if you already know how to do said thing a million times over and the class would be a bore, fine, that’s cool, all you have to do is pass the test. i.e. I feel that people should have to take a 101 class on how to use guns before they purchase (and I guess that means I guess gun sellers must either offer that or offer who can), and that if you know your shit, you can klep/bypass that, and that means you take a test to prove you know stuff.

      and, you know, obvious stuff, simple stuff. arguably easier than driver’s ed.

      but anyway, so like some people want some stuff. no one I know or have talked to wants to take guns away. they want better background checks. maybe no semi automatics. and such. I personally would advocate a class. but that’s just me.

      hell, all the gun owners I have known are ueber responsible.

      apart from that… ok, a couple years ago I heard an NPR report that said (and they were correct) that CDC is barred from conducting research into guns. that messed with me. it’s sorta like… if you got nothing to hide…hey, if you know you are legit, let them do their research. at least let us have the data. but the fact that you block research, I think, says something.

      I think that starts to sum it up. I got nothing against gun owning or gun owners. I want responsible buying. I would like to think that most people are. that most people want background checks and maybe 101 classes and stuff. but if “most people” are for it, they how come we never get anywhere, legislation-wise?

      so, follow the money?

      I don’t know…

      again, I hate dipping my toes into this argument. I hate it. but I feel we need to have a conversation and we need to have facts. It seems, data-wise, there is a way to limit killings, by access. but the US doesn’t want to do it. you want data, look at other countries. if you care… but I guess we collectively don’t.

      again, I hate this topic. and I suck at it. hence just putting up a video who could elaborate better than me.

      thanks for caring and watching and commenting.

      what should I say? I am very sad, very frustrated. I really don’t know what to do. But I want to do something. I guess my little stupid online rants is all I have… I should do more, but even then…

      hey man, thanks for caring. at least it lets me know that my shout outs to the void actually may hit a real person.

      I want to believe that people care and shit…

      ok, I guess I’m out for now…

      • Thank you for joining the conversation, it was crickets around here for a while. Yes, people drive and driver licenses and drivers’ ed classes haven’t barred people from learning how to drive or even buying cars! In NY you have to do background check, an interview, and some safety classes (not shooting classes just safety — so you can get a gun without officially learning to shoot it). We still have a lot of gun owners in NY and not to mention some of this stuff spurs the economy, because now somebody has to offer classes and that means they get to charge a fee and make a business out of it. So all these ideas can have upsides to it.

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