Back in My Day


I like the concept of this bit, speaks to me and my – I feel older while realizing I’m not that much older – sense.  I’ve been known to get on a couple “kids these days” soapboxes, and perhaps reminisce about a prior time – that was not that long ago.  Maybe things change faster now. or maybe that’s a reflection that comes with age.

“back in my day:”

They used to make things that lasted… fridges, appliances, turntables, furniture… things were made of quality.  not plastic and junk that will fall apart in a couple years.  Or, technology-wise, the throw-away culture… you have a perfectly good phone, and yet you need to get the latest one because it’s the latest one?

or, back in my day, I remember a life before the internet.  “Kids these days” are born now with the internet, smart phones, etc. already in existence. or, for that matter, born after 9-11.

I’m not a comedian so I doubt I could phrase any of mind remotely comedically.

Back in my day, if you wanted to ignore someone face to face, you wouldn’t look down at your phone, you’d put on headphones.  (or, ever classic, just silent treatment them and pretend they’re not there.)

(can’t find the clip, but when Amy Sedaris was doing the late night rounds promoting her crafts book Simple Things: Crafts for Poor People, she showed up with a fake knitted cell phone, which she used as a prop – I found it delightful.)

back in my day… hmmm…. back in my day, if we wanted to angrily vent about the world, we didn’t get on the internet and blog about it, we drank a half pint of something and yelled at the wall…

no personal experience whatsoever…




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