New Organization

What party/political spectrum are you quizzes:

  • Pew Research Center’s two-party spectrum quiz
  • GoToQuiz’s much more broad political compass quiz
  • (I’m sure there are countless others, I took one around election time from isidewith, which was American and generally two-party with some others, very exhaustive, covering the issues – to what degree there were – from this last exhaustive and maddening election nightmare that doesn’t end…but I liked that the quiz allowed you to put in varying degrees of answer, not just yes or no, with a category to write in your own, points for nuance)


With the Republicans having won across the board in all branches of US government, the Democrats are probably struggling with an identity crisis.  Maybe the Republicans are as well, divided between more hardline Tea Partiers and more moderate Republicans, although most seem to have coalesced as a solid bloc around Trump and their platform somewhat seems to be hardline evangelical Christian social positions, pro-corporate interests, and whatever it takes to win.  I used to have much more respect for Republicans in the past, and you could have sold me on some fiscal conservancy issues and more moderate views, but not any more.  Not in the Trump era.

But what about the Democratic party?  Where will the electoral losers and minority congressmen go from here?  and what will constituents do?

People are divided (clearly).

a) keep the Democrats, work with the Democrats, help them become less corrupt – Justice Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s Our Revolution

b) introduce a third party, (fourth, fifth…) perhaps a Progressive party, reform the government to help strengthen third parties and try to get away from the two-party system

c) replace all of Congress, “post-partisan” – not Democrat or Republican or third party, but finding good people across the board, who adhere to certain values, to overhaul all of Congress – Brand New Congress

d) to hell with the Democrats, double down with more traditional hardcore third parties like the Socialists and the Communists – Answer Coalition, Communist Party, Socialist Party,

e) or “simply” uniting swaths of people together in anti-Trump groups, Anti-Trump Army (facebook), the Women’s March

And as for what people should do, there are various grassroots organizations floating around

a) Justice Democrats, mentioned above

b) Women’s March Huddles

c) Brand New Congress local organization, BNC’s local organizing toolkit

d) Indivisible Guide

and then, individually, staying informed, participating in town halls, contacting congressmen, voting in local elections, participating in protests, or canvassing, or trying to generate conversations with people who hold opposing views from you, or weeding out distractions and fake news from verified sources, balancing paying attention with giving yourself a break from it…

Information Portals:

on voting:

following legislation:

News sources:

outside your bubble:

contacting congressmen:

Related Links/Books:



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