song of the night…well, WONC

Ok, I’m listening to WONC (89.1) (Chicago suburbs) their Vintage Rock hour right now.  I have a penchant for garage rock aka psychedelic rock, so it’s right up my alley.  and tonight’s DJ is on fire.  I love when they do obscure stuff and not just the typical.  and that seems to be on point tonight.



on that last song, I thought I heard bits of modal… too tired to get into it now, but modal was a precursor to modern Western keys, associated with, say, Gregorian chants, Dark Ages etc., and I think it saw a resurgence in the ’60s, most notably Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel) – what I wouldn’t give to have lived in the ’60s – but that’s a whole other rant…would it seem better, would it seem worse, the rose-colored glasses and nostalgia and showing what I take for granted now and so on… but moving on… so, anyways, this theory I had that the ’60s not only saw a resurgence in folk (insert populism, things, in regard to civil revolutions), but this resurgence in modal Dark Ages-type music…why, how… anyways, I thought I heard a hint of that with this last song.

one other rant, yes, a whole lot (most) of garage rock bands are one hit wonders at best.  (I still love them).  but yeah.

on to this DJ, Vintage Rock is playing Queen’s “Ogre Battle” at the moment.  Once upon a time, I -naive- told my friends that I basically hated Queen.  that was because all I knew of Queen, showing my age and naivete and the times, was Bohemian Rhapsody and a couple other major hits, which were far overplayed, and since I heard them so much…so I said, then, I definitively didn’t like Queen.  My best friend at the time persisted, I just needed to really hear them.  and he did, end of story, convert me.  Sean of the Dead’s use of “You’re My Best Friend” helped.  But my friend sold me with The Game album, specifically “Dragon Attack”.

and then “Don’t Stop Me Now” has a lot of memory and nostalgia and all attached to it for me. and, of course, Queen and Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” fuck Vanilla Ice – though, to many, me unfortunately included, he introduced people to that song he ripped off and short changed. (also, Bowie collaborating with everyone)

so yeah, Queen rocks.  I wish the radio would stop with the Bohemian Rhapsody and play some other stuff.


oh, right, why I thought to start this tonight to begin with.  to begin with, I am not a Bob Marley fan.  Nothing against him, just never was a fan.  But, timing.  This evening, I had just come back from a political meeting/huddle thing I go to, and then I came back, turned on Vintage Rock, the DJ announced someone had requested this song, and this came on the radio:

and I couldn’t help but think… maybe just coincidence.  but did someone request this song feeling political, feeling, given the climate, hey, don’t give up, keep trying, and them requesting this song was their way of getting that feeling out?  maybe coincidence.  if not, message heard.

and, well, I’d like to do likewise.  I used to call in requests… I don’t know what I’d call in… I guess I’d think ’60s and folk and all… an easier go-to might be Bob Dylan.  I don’t know.  I’d have to think about it.  what do I want to convey?  what do I want to hear?  I guess, at the risk of being personal, “not give up.”  what song conveys that?

anyways… things…  but a glimpse, I guess, of WONC tonight. just throwing stuff out there.  to the internet void.

(other thoughts.. I haven’t given much thought to my readership in the sense of what they might like.  I just write to write, more for myself than anything.  I guess my blog is mostly venting my political frustrations.  and I have put the most time and effort into that.  but yeah… also, since Robin Williams’ death, I did vow to try to start an open dialogue, starting with me, so I have, off and on, had my depression blog posts.  and people seem to really like those.  and then I also write about music, which is big to me. though might maybe get the least “hits” – not that I really track.  whatever.  I write more for me, not for “clicks” or whatever.  but I guess it leads to interesting speculation.  I guess I understand why not many people are interested in political stuff… I speculate…most people don’t care or actively try not to, and those that do – the bubble thing – are probably pretty staunch and only want to hear from people who confirm their views, or so we think, more or less.  as for the depression thing, I don’t know about other people, I can only speak for myself.  lonely, isolated, helpless, things.  randomly search the internet, anything, something, just to feel a tiny bit less alone, and/or having tried everything, the meds, the shrinks, what are others going through, does anyone else have anything to offer, and so I seek, maybe send out tendrils to try to connect, and maybe that’s what other people do too… that Police song

I shouldn’t get me started… this whole thing that “we” – us depressed – we truly aren’t alone.  tons of us are.  look at the internet.  go to any group meeting.  talk to enough random strangers.  and yet… hell, as if even when you find some solidarity, you still feel alone.  each an island unto themselves.)

but yeah… I was just posting some music, right?  (groan) and never mind me.

and I see my blog slipping more and more from me trying to be professional to some journal entry, and dangers therein.

blah. things.

so I guess I’ll stop here.

have a good night all.





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