Local Elections: last minute notice


Ok, so, for some there are local elections coming up.  I know it’s hard to get into them.  hell, I’m pretty political these days and it’s only a couple days out and I barely know who’s running and so on and so forth.  Plus, I’m futilistic as hell these days.  Still, I figure I’d better.

I heard Bernie give an impassioned speech about the importance of local elections and getting involved in politics locally, how that may even be more important, in the long run, than the major presidential elections… grassroots change and all.

In any case, a quick how-to on how to find out about your local elections.  I started by finding my local League of Women Voters website (it was actually easier for me to find it by doing an internet-search-engine-of-choice for lwv and my city), but you can also search through their main page here: League of Women Voters, Local League.

The League of Women Voters are non-partisan and their goal is to provide information to help people vote how they so choose.

My local LVW page directed me to Vote411.org, which I found immensely helpful – direct, easy to use, a quick and helpful resource to find out about my candidates and their positions.  Vote411 didn’t have exactly everybody, but between them and my local LVW page, I think I found all the information I needed. Vote411.

And lastly, Ballotpedia.  Ballotpedia is usually my go-to for national presidential elections and perhaps some other congressional issues.  I personally found the site less helpful, as compared to vote411 and lwv, in terms of finding information for local elections.  unless, maybe, you live in a major city.  Nonetheless, I still think they are a good source.

So, Ballotpedia Local Election page and Municipal Elections 2017 in major cities.


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