Games part II: creative evolving beasts

Cephalapine by bedowynn


Platypillar by thomastapir


oh wait, this one’s real (Platybelodon)


on to the games:

I haven’t played either of the following games, but they intrigue me.  I guess this is part two of my board game wishlist.  (part one here)

Evolution: A board game where you try to create and maintain many species, can give them characteristics to help them survive, and the risks and pay offs of being an herbivore or carnivore

Beasts of Balance:

I think board games are starting to branch out into multi-media platforms, with combinations of board game and software.  I experienced this while playing the intense puzzle-solving game, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.  Beasts of Balance seems somewhat like Jenga, with a physical stacking component, that involves corresponding software.  I think the artwork and concept is intriguing, and it seems to add a couple of challenges – keeping the animals healthy – that could allow for some strategy, in addition to the stacking component.  A possible downside to this game is if the software doesn’t work correctly – Beer and Board Games couldn’t get the game to work for their first video, but got it to work in their second attempt.


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