song of the day: “Take a Little Rhythm”

I actually heard this on the radio today (87.7 MeTV radio, to be exact), during a drive.  heard the lyrics and it seemed fitting.

unrelated, but another one of my all time favorites, that also has a story behind it, for me anyways… “I can feel something pounding in my brain” (yeah, me too)

I shouldn’t try to think about my past. but, easier said than done.  then there’s the present to deal with as well.  so much…reality… and not enough whisky.  (or too much whisky)  (life is fun)

ok, more music therapy:

as an afterthought… I guess there are more than a few people out there afraid/upset about mixing cultures… but I think that’s how you get really intriguing innovation…I’ll try to not get all political… but I think musical fusion can be really interesting, and certainly a way for music to evolve… (something about embracing diversity as a means for growth as opposed to, well, the opposite and what all that entails)

asking the internets for more unusual music out there and I found the following…I’m always intrigued in where music could go next:

and one of my recent favorites, I can’t get enough of Happy Deathcore!

maybe I’m in a disjointed juxtaposition-y kind of mood…


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