Song of the Night: “Pushin’ Too Hard,” The Seeds

First off, I apologize for the poor audio quality.  all I can get from YouTube.  I want to showcase some of my favorite songs to you guys, my followers and the void, but I also feel I am doing you a disservice, as you only hear this quality, not doing it justice.  but I guess it’s all I can do.

Ok, so, on “Pushin’ Too Hard,” by The Seeds.  Long story short, this song means a hell of a lot to me.  some songs are personal, embedded with memory.  In any case, it once was “my jam,” “my song.”  even if it doesn’t quite describe me now, that memory is deep, and I still love the song.  so it is easily one of my favorites.  and I will always remember it as one of my core “my songs.”

Maybe I make sense to no one.  except, maybe, the music-obsessed.

anyways, so I am real sorry for the lack of quality, but here’s what I got.

There are also many good garage rock songs – certain specialty of mine.  “Psychotic Reaction” by Count Five, “Too Much to Dream Last Night” by Electric Prunes, and others.

how ’bout one of my other garage rock favs, on the British side,

“Bright Lights, Windy City,” West Minst’r.

hope you can enjoy



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