Song of the Day: Handsome Family, “Drunk by Noon”

(I’m a happy person.)


…my blog link to the f*** Trump songs… just a thought to myself, I never did get all the way down the list, and maybe it might perversely perk me up?  music’s kinda my thing. I’ve mentioned Franz Ferdinand’s “Demagogue” a million times, only ‘cuz I love that song so much.  I’d wear out the single.  So I should look beyond my mini-obsession with that song and see if maybe there are some other good gems in there.

Notes: now that I am going through my above-mentioned blog, I am noticing some links/videos not working.  (what a surprise, sarcasm. hard to keep up)  I hear myself whine, “why can’t I just play whatever song I want?” I am so spoiled.  I loved, really loved it, then it went under.  then grooveshark, then it went under.  Myspace is a whole other can of worms; I guess it went from fun personal pages to, losing to facebook, a music site, but even that seems to not quite work now.  thing is, I’m really not a bootlegger, I swear.  I’ll pay.  I want to pay.  I want to pay and support artists/musicians.  (I’d buy “Demagogue” if I could, not on iTunes currently.) …I also want to post music here and stuff.  spread the word.  anyways, YouTube is my best go-to.

On Die Toten Hosen (the dead pants – no, seriously):

yeah, I know, German.  for non-german speakers, those titles are:

alles wie immer – all/everything like always

wofuer man lebt – why/what for does man/one live

warum werde ich nicht satt – why am I not satisfied (“satisfied” not quite the right word, more like “content”)


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