“Fearless Girl”

True story, there was this one time I… but that’s beside the point.

“Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media,” New York Times, (nytimes.com)

The Story of ‘The Fearless Girl,’ From the Women at McCann Who Made Her,” Adweek, (adweek.com)

Change.org’s petition to make the statue permanent (although I don’t know if I believe in petitions any more).

“Ronda Rousey’s newest opponent is Donald Trump and his plans at Standing Rock,” Washington Post, (washingtonpost.com)

since I’m reminded of bulls/cows…


um, wtf?

seriously though, um, respect cows? sure, respect cows.

Wish I could find the clip… for any House fans, the opening sequence to “Out of the Chute”, is a great shot of mental preparation and experience of a bullrider, a slow motion six seconds, played to Black Lab’s “This Night.” (spoilers upcoming, just saying…)

which brings me to:

and now we’re back to dark again.  c’est la vie.


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