viral aka too sensitive

first off, terms, viral not as in actual, but social.

point two, I really don’t understand people.

the picture launching a thousand words, this:

Let’s say, for point of argument, I am aspberg-y and can’t really understand people.  also, me being me, I overthink.

The caption/title to this on Yahoo was “Future that Liberals want” – setting that aside for a moment.

I look at the photograph.  look at its visual appeal and contrasts.  Then start to analyze.  I speculate – and all of this is speculation – that a tourist took this photograph.  a regular subway traveler doesn’t have a camera out, and sees this all as normal.  so a tourist.  and someone from arguably a less diverse area to whom this seems as a strange juxtaposition, plus the visual color contrast.  I imagine a random tourist/artist took the photo.  and that yet someone else re-appropriated it to sell their little ignorant bigoted tagline.

I suppose that if the person having the said tagline also took the said photo, then the photo wasn’t so much taken as a candid artistic shot, but as someone with a bias looking for images that would back their world view.

Ok, now insert my thoughts on the image.  I like the image for a number of reasons.  as that non-new yorker person, I am not desensitized, so I notice it.  and see it as interesting, for good and bad.  artistically, I like the juxtapositions and color contrast.  after that, philosophically, I like the juxtaposition.  if this is the “america liberals want,” then I don’t see that as a bad thing.  (caveat, I have spent some more than a small bit of time in suburbs, urban metropolis cities, and far rural country to be more than a tourist to any)  I do like the idea that a person in full covered garb can sit next to a fully exposed person, that a traditional “old world” person can sit next to a “new world” person, fully female, whatever.. fully clothed and black clothes, and as they say modest, next to scantily clad and bright colors and potentially drag, and that, more than that, the subway as a great equalizer.  no one’s fighting.  no one’s glaring at each other.  they just sit like any one else on the bus, all equals.  and that is the america I like and want.

on to the “troll” hypothesis.  is someone trying to state their views – i.e. this is wrong – or are they trying to “get hits/views”?  my theory, maybe the later.

maybe people learned that if they gave facts, who cares, boring.  then the soft news, hey if I show puppies or kitties, and they do get some views, and some viral-ness.  maybe now, that has gotten old.  maybe the next wave is (back to) vitriol.  look, if I post something controversial, say something blatantly mean, then I’ll get a million views, because people will look and respond to argue against me.

on a small scale, I anecdotally see this.  look, I don’t really believe the opposite, but let me say so because I want to see [this person] mad and that’s funny.

so anger is the new viral.  i.e. forget facts, boring.  forget cute, short lived.  if you really want clicks, say something mean, because you’ll get a lot of attention trying to disprove you.

in a sick way, it’s also sort of the same theory towards mass shooters.


I can’t even begin to understand how to combat it.

what am I supposed to do?  am I supposed to not care? like if I didn’t respond, then I wouldn’t give them their rise.  all well for them, but then I let myself down for not standing up for myself.  not to mention that if I don’t react, they’ll push the envelope and push the envelope until I do react.  so I guess they want me to a)react or b) concede their nastiness is correct or c) believe that words don’t matter, which ironically includes theirs… so in re-cap:

A) I can speak and lose – they got their rise.

B)  not speak and they keep pushing until I do – they get their rise

C) or not speak at all, and I lose to myself for not standing up for myself and tacitly condoning them.

and I am at a loss.  should I say words matter or don’t matter?  or that my views matter as much or as little as theirs. or call them out on just trying to get a rise out of me?  I also can check my biases.  (my snowflake-ness, I guess)

but what about the apathy?  the whole “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good to do nothing” and “and they came for them and I did nothing, and they came for them and I did nothing, and then they came for me…”

or what do they want, apathy?  to what degree?  where’s the envelope? do you want me to say pedophilia* and bestiality is ok?  what if I do, then what? (I don’t, just saying they wouldn’t stop)

(i.e. their beloved Milo)

I don’t know.  I get exasperated.  if you give a troll attention (if you give a mouse a cookie), even negative attention, they thrive.  but what are you supposed to do, turn a blind eye?

I guess it sucks to care.  and to think.  (much less overthink.) and you’ll be alone and hated.  people (chronologically) call you “pussy,” “liberal,” “sensitive,” and then “snowflake,” and now “sjw.”  and now I have to unfortunately learn about “trolls” and “sjws” – I think it’s more modern lingo for bully slang.

I guess I’ll just go with my usual.  I’m always alone.  and I am “too sensitive.”  “heart on sleeve.”  that makes me a freak and unsocial and hated, and it is what it is.



anyways… so back to the photo, yeah I do want an America where this is cool.

but the kneejerk thought that if I say this, that only gives satisfaction to them.  they got their rise.

I’m stuck.  if I react, bad.  if I don’t react, bad.  if I don’t care what they think, probably the best course of action that I know, still bad, because everyone hates you because you’re the weirdo that doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

this is me ranting, and not understanding people, and frustrated.  I try to think with facts and feel with my own personal moral compass.  people attack, but I still try to stand by those.

now I don’t want to be around yes-men.  I’m up for discussion, especially with people holding opposing points of view.  but I prefer it to be based on fact.  and open-mindedness.

and I can’t understand why people think it’s funny to make me mad.  and should I still consider those people friends?  or am I “too sensitive”?





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