good TV: save Timeless

For me, it’s hard for me to find a good TV show that I am really into.  Though when I get hooked, I get really hooked.  I love Timeless.  It’s probably the only TV show I talk about right now.  What’s not to love?  It’s smart, it has funny moments, action, adventure, features a 3-person lead cast with some dimensionality.  Oh, and time-travel.  Time travel.  In short, each episode is a potential vignette into American history, down to period costumes, and showcasing unique historical people who might have been overlooked.  For one, Bass Reeves.  There’s also an ongoing story arc of conspiratorial nature which reminds me a little of X Files.  Not to mention each episode ends on an edge-of-the-seat cliffhanger.

The show doesn’t shy away from treatment of women and black people in American history.  And, even with war and action and the intense nature of the show, it is still PG-13 enough that I can watch it with my mother, and she’s getting into it.

But, to my surprise, Timeless may not be renewed for a second season.  (and they renewed Good Place? a show with its out-there premise that I wanted to like it, but had to stop watching because the main character is an immensely dislikeable person.)  cancel Timeless? um, how, why?  One of the only good shows on TV right now.

Granted, even I don’t watch it live, only because I don’t have traditional TV here by me – can’t pick up antenna signals via converter box in the basement.  But, evolving into the 21st century, even old curmudgeon me, I watch the episode as soon as it comes out online (NBC, Hulu).

The show is clever and hasn’t settled down into a formula, so you don’t know where the episode is going to go, and I love how the “villain” isn’t one-dimensional either.  It’s just an all-around great show.

So anyway, I thought I’d use my tiny little platform if it might help launch a save-this-show campaign.  Here’s Eric Kripke, one of the show’s creators: “‘Timeless’ Awaits Renewal Decision By NBC As Season 1 Ends: Is It Out Of Time?” 2/20/17


Also, if you’re into time travel: I suggest the card game Chrononauts.

My dad was a fan of all things time travel, and I think I’ve picked up on that.  (with the glaring maybe unforgiveable exception of I just never got into Doctor Who, don’t know why, it just hasn’t clicked with me yet, and now it’s hard to find where to watch them, for starters…)  Whether various episodes of Star Trek, to Lost playing with time.  there’s Rick and Morty… I even liked the unloved Butterfly Effect movie. and so on…(Back to the Future, obviously…)




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