Specific Legislation

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The following video is not intended to be pedantic, rather, for some levity and nostalgia (Dave Frishberg, Schoolhouse Rock!, 1976):

*some caveats: With this Trump administration, there are so many issues to tackle.  A woman at a meeting the other night described it like needing to wave fly paper around to try to catch them all.  Gerrymandering (which I write about every election season, here, and here, way back in the happier times of 2012), Citizens United, the two party system skewed against third parties, voter suppression, Muslim ban, attacks against the free press, propaganda and “fake news,” Sean Spicer, Russian involvement in the election and administration and whatever else, anti-immigration raids and policies, anti-transgender policies, anti-LGBT and Mike Pence, repealing Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act, misogyny, the border wall, almost all the Cabinet picks, trying to destroy public education, trying to destroy the EPA, climate change denial, anti-science, the Dakota Access Pipeline and steamrolling Native Americans, neo-naziism, nativism, isolationism, corruption, undoing Dodd-Frank and sub-prime-mortgage loan preventions, undoing forcing fiduciaries to act in their clients’ best interest, authoritarianism, potential fascism, incompetence, destroying diplomacy with China, Mexico, Australia et al., nepotism, conflict of interest, and on and on and on… not to mention covering protests and petitions, marches

So how do you fight it all?  I figure I should pick one issue that is most important to me and focus on that primarily.  So my one (umbrella) issue, for me, is LGBT rights.  So this post will focus mainly on that topic.


17 Anti-Trans Bills That Could Become Law Next (rollingstone.com)
Everything You Need to Know About the Wave of 100+ Anti-LGBT Bills Pending in States (huffingtonpost.com)
Everything You Need to Know About the Debate Over Transgender People and Bathrooms, Jul. 2015, (time.com)

source: ilga.gov

– Women’s Health:

  • HB40 – protects female reproductive health care (vote yes)


  • SB 64 – Religious Freedom Defense Act (vote no), allows people to discriminate against same-sex people without penalty
  • SB 2164 Religious Freedom Defense Act (vote no), explained by Huffington Post
  • HB 4474 – “SCH CD-PUPIL PHYSICAL PRIVACY (vote no), IL’s version of the anti-trans “bathroom bill,” states that schools must designate their public restrooms for kids according to sex, as defined by their chromosomes and anatomy at birth (imagine having to carry your birth certificate around to use a public restroom, or getting turned away at a restroom because you look androgynous or not like you “pass”)…did you know intense waiting/”holding it” of not going to restrooms can lead to urinary infections, trying to not go to the restroom can cause someone to become dehydrated, not to mention many conditions which may cause an individual to need to use a restroom nearby and/or more frequently, source: CBS, for one.

source: hrc.org/resources/federal-legislation


current legislation:

  • anti-conversion therapy bill: Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act of 2017: would declare and enforce that “conversion therapy” is deceptive.  I think we need to go farther and make it illegal.  But at least this is a first start.  petition here, bill info here
  • Equality Act – amends Civil Rights Act of ’64 to protect LGBT
    status:  The Equality Act was re-introduced on 5/2/17, contact your representatives to support it. current status of HR 2282 (countable, not passed yet) and S 1006 (countable, also not passed)

ask to reintroduce to 115th Congress and vote yes:



World laws pertaining to homosexual relationships and expression
By Various (Initial version by Silje) – Own work

This vector image was created with Inkscape.
Other sources
Nigerian Sharia states based on File:NG-Sharia.png
Merida (Venezuela) from File:Venezuela Merida State Location.svg
Wisconsin: File:Blank US Map.svg
Law in Russia restricting freedom of expression and assembly [1]
US after DOMA decision [2]
Syria: [3]
Belarus: [4], CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Wikipedia: LGBT Rights by Country or Territory


vote no and/or don’t reintroduce:


vote yes and/or reintroduce:

-Racial/Religious Discrimination:

-Voter Suppression:


Other bills, not Illinois or federal:

  • Iowa: Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (see above): HF 2032, HF 2200, SF 217 (vote no)
  • North Dakota SB 2043 – Amends Marriage Definition and Terminology
    bill definition: would have changed gendered terminology to non-gendered, i.e. “husband and wife” to spouse/ two individuals married to each other
    status: this bill failed 15-31
    can we try to get it back and get it passed?


Helping fight voter suppression:

League of Women Voters (lwv.org):
their petition

Election Assistance Commission article: The Atlantic

Voting Rights Act articles:
The Nation
Daily KOS
Brennan Center: “Restricting the Vote”
Brennan Center: “Voting Laws Roundup 2017”

In Illinois: support same day voter registration and automatic voter registration

The original automatic voter registration bill, HB4208 or SB 250, was vetoed by Rauner, and the veto was not overturned.   It’s status is “sine die” – which means set aside indefinitely.  The new version is HB 6627, introduced Jan. 2017, also set aside indefinitely.

  • support IL HB 6627, for automatic voter registration

Tracking Legislation:

Additional Sources:

Related Links:

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