Laura Jane Grace interview on Daily Show with Trevor Noah, here (comedycentral)


A two-part post tonight.  I was watching various YouTube videos, videos on personal experiences with Aspbergers, among other things, and thought I’d share that.  and then I thought about Laura Jane Grace, because I’d seen an interview with her on Daily Show with Trevor Noah the other day – and was a fan for some time, love “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” – anyways… and thinking about people being who they are… but I just wanted to post some videos with people in their own words, rather than get all “preachy” and delve into what some call “identity politics.”

as for the following part, I post these because tonight someone said to me that Pence was alright, that Pence was a nice person.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but this is my response to that.

Now, as for the following sources, granted, one is a regular person, and Democracy Now is a far left media source.  One can argue that Rachel Maddow is biased and on a left-leaning platform.  duly noted.  I could cite articles, voting record, bills, and the like, but I felt these people did some research and elucidated points well enough, plus just nice to have videos sometimes… anyways… (I don’t even know why I go into defensive mode, I think because I am constantly around people who take some opposing positions from myself and defensiveness is probably a knee-jerk reaction at this point…rambling now)  but anyways, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.


Rachel Maddow gets choked up describing Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT policies, video, and source (lgbtqnation)

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