SJWs and Trolls

Sounds like something cartoonish.  For now, I’ll just put up these videos.  I think the idiom is, “if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…”

on the one hand, maybe trolling and anti-SJWness is some unique performance art, trying to rile someone up and then pointing to their outrage as proof of their argument… What would someone’s ideal response be? a) be offended and say nothing, b) don’t be offended …right, but then said troll would keep going down the list until they found something that crossed the line… rape, murder, pedophilia…whatever… either they a) like insulting people and find it funny that people get upset, b) want people to not care about anything, c) want to prove that words are meaningless – “just” words, which also invalidates their hot air by proxy…  I’m not saying people should get up in arms over every slight thing – pick your battles, reserve rage for the more important things.  But to have no reaction, even internally, maybe that would mean one’s lost their sense of humanity.  and words do have consequences.  again, I’m not advocating for censorship.  Everyone, in this country, for now, has freedom of speech.  But freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want and it has no consequence.

It’s a weird time we live in, that people seem to think that receiving backlash for being insulting is discrimination against them.  plus, a lot of internet trolls, I think by definition, are cowards…if you can’t say it to my face…i.e. face the consequences.  anyways… the whole topic is draining…  I get such a headache over it, trying to defend that I’m allowed to be offended, that I have free speech too, that standing up for civil rights isn’t a bad thing, and why should I even be arguing that bullying and insults are bad, that people goading people into killing themselves or being flippant about rape is bad?  what the hell kind of world am I in?  oh, right, heard it a million times, I’m “too sensitive.”  probably has something to do with me tending to take things literally and believe people mean what they say.  anyways…. I’ve also learned, at least from my experience, you can’t really change someone else’s view.  people are pretty entrenched.  and name-calling, either way, is only going to shut down any conversation.


well, anyway, two videos:

Yahoo’s “Tramps Against Trump” here.


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