Is something more sinister going on?

Is something more sinister going on?

First off, I don’t like conspiracy theories.  I don’t reject them whole handedly, neither do I subscribe to them easily.  Thing is, I’m skeptical of everything.  I try to vet my news sources, try to find accredited sources.

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But if evidence suggests something… I still am hesitant to speculate.  too many problems with that and false news and “alternate” facts already.  Years leading up to this election, journalism was already facing serious issues.

And I wanted to take New York Times to task.  I bought their Jan. 20th, 2017 paper and it completely misrepresented the Inauguration Day protesters, disproportionately highlighting the relatively small vandalizing group and downplaying that there were thousands of nonviolent peaceful protesters.  What sources can you trust these days?

But anyway, the press needs to pay attention to everything this administration is doing and beware of smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses, distractions.  Is it coincidence that Trump tweeted against Hamilton, and that got all the media attention, when, simultaneously, his Trump University case was being settled?  Or people paying all the attention to the Muslim ban and subsequent protests, while Bannon is placed in the National Security Council?  Should someone focus on the impending crackdown against protesters?  Bernie Sanders warned us that things could ramp up to fascism.

Trump certainly knows how to manipulate the media and play audiences.

Trump’s Not Orwellian. He’s the Distracter-in-Chief. Bai, M. (2/2/17). RealClear Politics, (

The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It, Fuentes, J. (1/30/17). Medium, (



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