Song of the Evening

I’m not able to quit politics, though I should.  or at least put it out of my mind for some time.  Politics is a bad hobby to have.  no joy, no enjoyment, no recreation, only frustration, anger, despair, mostly.  Plus, since I am so…absorbed… it’s all I feel I have to talk about.  not that I want it that way… and so when I encounter people who won’t have it – good for them? – what do I talk about?  plus, I feel increasingly so, that all I am is anger and hot air…

but anyways….

my first hobby/passion used to be music.  before all this shit.  and I have been on a ’60s garage rock kick for some years now.  (but I do try to be open to all sorts of music.  so far as I know, I’m the only person I know who likes both classical and punk, ok, maybe one of two.  point is, I like music for music’s sake)  blah blah blah.


So, if anyone out there is in Chicagoland, or anywhere, really, with streaming, WONC, airs Vintage Rock from 10p-midnight every night (central), by which they define as ’64-’74.


Can you imagine, Beatles being oldies?  but yet… how it feels to age…


groan… and I try to keep rants out of my music stuff…


ok, so here, the Lemon Drops, I think another relatively one hit wonder ’60s garage rock band:

also, this is another song that’s been on my mind.  if you are kindof a chicagoan… love the tongue-in-cheek.

okay, maybe I am just in infatuation with tonight’s DJ:



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