Actions Against Muslim Ban


Actions we can take now:

1.  Contact Senators: Bill Nelson (FL), Joe Manchin (WV) and governors: John Hickenlooper (CO), John Bel Edwards (LA), Mark Dayton (MN), Steve Bullock (MT), Jim Justice (WV), to urge them to oppose the Muslim ban via this petition
Source: Justice Democrats

2.  See what position your representatives take on this issue and contact them.  This link provides congress members’ contact info., their positions on this issue, and scripts to use.
Source: Action for a Better Tomorrow (based out of Illinois)

3.  Attend a meeting or protest

Chicago area:
Tues., Jan 31, 7pm, meeting (
Centro Autónomo de Albany Park (3460 W. Lawrence)
Discussion on defending oppressed communities and protest planning
Sponsors: Answer Chicago, People United Against Oppression, Trans Day of Vengeance, Women Organized to Resist and Defend*

*a note: I personally do not necessarily condone/advocate/agree with everything ANSWER or other groups here believe in, but I’m listing stuff just to put the information out there

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