Let them eat cake.



So America bombs the shit out of another country, then refuses to take in refugees from said war-torn country, while villainizing the victims of the war.  Could I be more ashamed of my country?  I’ve tried protesting, calling congressmen, writing congressmen, blogging, talking to those around me, trying to engage in discourse with people who hold opposing views from me… I think I’ve done all I can.  What do I do now?  They chant at rallies that people have the power.  Do they?  it seems you have to have significant money to have power and that’s pretty much it.  what now…cuss, cry, and carry on?  and then give up in despair?

Well, as they say, you’ve got to hand it to Trump, he’s doing what he said he’d do – build a wall, put in a Muslim ban, and – implied – decrease regulations on industries – i.e. cut off the EPA to fast track pipeline projects.  I hate Trump and everything about it, but he’s doing what he said he’d do.  (in this sense, not in the “drain the swamp” sense or others)  I guess the real worry is that this is what half the country wanted.  oh…nativism.  where has this gotten us before people?

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