Electoral College Day!

Updates: watch protests live:

Texas: Electoral College Petition:


Today’s the day.

If you are near a state capitol, get out and, peacefully, protest.

Here is a link to find protests in your state: SaveDemocracy.org

For those of you who engage in social media, people are posting messages to electors under #ElectoralCollege.

“Electors Against Trump Are Faithful Not Faithless,” Geoffrey Stone, TIME, 12/12/16, (time.com)



As for tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2oth, MoveOn.org is organizing speak-outs at Republican Senate offices for “Don’t Take Away Our Health Care.”

As for protesting Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017:

If you are in the Chicagoland area, AnswerChicago is running buses to DC on January 19th.
Bus details here.

If you have any ideas, information, petitions, etc. about activities in your area, feel free to add in comments.

Have a good day, and for those feeling some winter right now, drive safe and stay warm.

and here’s hopefully some heartwarmingness for the day:


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