LGBT rights and discrimination

12/9/16, links


As I figured, it’s already happening.  No, Trump nor Pence caused anti-LGBT discrimination.  Just as they didn’t create racism.  But they threw/continue to throw fuel on the fire, using fear and bigotry to obtain and maintain votes and power.  I would like to live in a world where racism, bigotry, rape, misogyny are not wedge issues and/or political tools and/or partisan issues.  These are real, cruel, and often traumatic experiences – the high emotional content is why they are used as wedge issues (because things like tax policy, foreign policy are potentially seen as boring) – which shouldn’t be lightly tossed about as political tools.

and yet…  Why does it appear that (establishment) Democrats are on the side of tolerance and (establishment) Republicans are on the side of intolerance?  These shouldn’t be partisan issues, but common sense humane values.  I have to keep telling myself not to paint anyone, which includes (establishment) Republicans, evangelical Christians, etc., with a broad brush.  but…

There are many reasons people may have voted for Donald Trump.  Whether it was anti-Hillary, or anti-establishment, or anti-politician, or truly believing he could improve the country’s economy, or voting for the Republican ticket, and/or so forth.  But a vote for him is, in my book, at least a tacit condoning of bigotry, of hateful intolerant exclusionary nativist rhetoric; it is putting your own priorities above hate and intolerance of large swaths of people.

and why the anti-LGBT sentiments in particular?  I can only imagine as an appeal to the powerful voting bloc of Christians, particularly evangelical Christians.  Not to say that all Christians are anti-gay.  (which, admittedly, is something I have to work on myself, so that I also avoid stereotyping)  I have heard about Muslim based anti-gay ideology, and Russia arguably has secular anti-gay policies.  But, within the United States, it does seem like most of the anti-LGBT ideology is driven by the Christian community.

I should make another point here.  Technically, I believe someone does have freedom of speech and freedom of belief.  But speech has consequences.  And there should be laws against discriminatory actions.

I was unfortunately anxious about the potential for harsh anti-LGBT legislation, enforcement, and atmosphere given Mike Pence and Republican control of the government.  One can hope that my fears are misplaced, but…

While I don’t condone Democrats (or Republicans) just yelling at each other in Congress, like children, I can see the ire.  The House just voted against legislation that would have penalized federal/governmental LGBT discrimination.  The House was apparently in “chaos” after the LGBT legislation vote.

Currently on the books in Texas is legislation that would allow teachers/counselors/school nurses to out their students to the students’ parents, thus compromising rapport and the concept of having a trusted figure to potentially confide in.  info about bill here and petition against it here:  Texas SB 242 legislation (

Also, why is conversion therapy still legal?  One petition against it here, and other petitions here, on

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(if you call thinking it just might not get too much worse, possibly, optimism)

but, the potential bad news….and we’ve just had the first taste, allowing government contractors to discriminate against LGBT people…
A Trump-Pence Presidency Would Be a Disaster for LGBT People
Jay Michaelson, 10/19/16, The Daily Beast (


5 Responses to “LGBT rights and discrimination”

  1. I am not gay, however, I find the bigotry that the LGBTQ community is subjected to as highly offensive. When last I heard, same sex couples were not bashing traditional marriage, so why bash gay marriage?

  2. If same sex marriage really caused problems for traditional marriage, which it does not, it would be very likely assumed that for every same sex couple marrying that it would lead to the collapse of traditional marriage. That is an absurd notion in my humble opinion. Same sex marriage does not bother me. Nor should it bother anybody else. Homophobia and bigotry in any form has no place in civilized society. What are your thoughts? Do you support same sex marriage? Oppose it? Have no opinion one way or another?

  3. I also support same sex marriage.

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