Petition to Electoral College voters


Petition to Electoral College voters,

There is a petition to the Electoral College voters to vote against their state to swing the election to Hillary Clinton.  In many states, this is not illegal, and even in states where it is prohibited, there is only a small fine.  This is actually constitutional to prevent someone unfit becoming president.

If you want to write letters to the relevant electors, more information can be found here.


I wholeheartedly believe that all Americans, including Republicans, including poor disenfranchised white men, including Trump supporters, will fare better under a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Trump’s policies are likely to bring economic instability and hurt the poor even more.

If the Electoral College voters vote rogue and swing the election to Hillary Clinton, then Democrats and Republicans alike have cause to see that this system of election is truly unrepresentative of the American people.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  The election process should represent the people.  And our president should be someone who is fit to lead.  This is not about partisan politics.  This is about safeguarding America.


3 Responses to “Petition to Electoral College voters”

  1. More liberal whiners crying like 3-year-olds because they didn’t get their way when, to their utter surprise, the voters decided to elect the best man for the job – Donald J. Trump – as President of the United States.

    • I grant your comment because I want to allow discussion with all parties. We can certainly agree to disagree on who is the best person for the job. But this particular issue is about the electoral college and granting the presidency to the person who won the popular vote. This is more about who actually won the popular vote than being a sore loser.

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