my America


America is supposed to be a melting pot of freedom for everyone.  It’s hard, it’s complicated, there are no easy answers.  But hate and intolerance can’t win.  Blaming any disenfranchised group (including white men by the way), which also unfairly lumps people together, won’t solve complex economic problems.  It’s easier to criticize than to find solutions.  It’s easier to hate.  Hate and intolerance has won, we can’t let it win.  I know it’s far more complex and nuanced, but for a place to start…We have to try.  We have to fight.

11/14/16 Update

Now for some specific ways to do something.

A massive protest is being scheduled in DC on Inauguration Day January 20th, 2017, but also presumably across the nation in metropolitan cities.  Right now, join or form a protest in your area, no matter how small the town, to stand up for – take your pick – acknowledging global warming, having a president who is knowledgeable, encouraging the electoral college to give the election to Hillary Clinton within their constitutional rights, suggesting the election go to the popular vote, welcoming Syrian refugees, and/or any number of civil rights, human rights, issues, as Donald Trump has essentially insulted and demeaned vast swaths of humanity.

Sign a petition at to petition the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton on Dec. 19th, 2016.

Write letters to members of the electoral college on this matter. See this website for information as well as the National Archives website on the Electoral College.  Here is a list of the electoral voters, here is wikipedia’s list, and information on secretaries of state for individual states who may, depending on the state, oversee this process.  As of yet, I’m still not sure how to directly send these electoral voters a letter, or how to even obtain contact information, but contacting individual state secretaries of state was the closest I could find.

Here is a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center website for a petition to remove Stephen Bannon, a white supremacist from Breitbart, from office.

The Million Women March is a protest scheduled for January 21st, 2017 in DC, but also hopefully in other cities around the country.

And here is Center Link’s website, which has a directory of websites for organizations which help the LGBT community and fight for LGBT rights.  And here is the Human Rights Campaign website, which supports the LGBT community.  (As the Trump/Pence regime support severely anti-gay ideologies and legislation, which is even starting to be reflected in Pence’s transition team picks.  Rachel Maddow’s response here.)

This is just for starters.  There has got to be more we can do.  Half of Americans do believe that a Trump presidency is a good thing, and I do not want to dismiss half the country whole-handedly; plus, if we don’t start listening to people with opposing views and trying to listen to each others’ experiences and work together, our civil war is only going to get worse.  Be that as it may, the other half of the country might be terrified right now, so we need to find ways to protect ourselves and what we want this country to be and do.


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