what now?

I was following the election online in the midst of throwing back whiskey and typing out distressed disjointed emails as frantic tethers in vain hopes of not feeling alone.  I passed out – as one does with alcohol.  and came to around 1:30 am (central).  The election was still close.  and then, like some hazy hangover nightmare, I’m surrealistically hearing Trump’s acceptance speech.

That this happened at all, that Trump became the nominee, that the election was close, that, well, everything…well, nausea, for starters.

(oh and don’t get me started on Mike Pence…it’s a fucking slap in the face after the strides of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and marriage equality…what do I have to look forward to now, conversion therapy?)


I know I’m still in shock.   My poor overworked liver and my poor upended stomach.

I’m a person who, unfortunately, talks up a blue streak.  and I think I am at a loss for words.  I think it’s official, though, that I no longer want to be an American.

I am profoundly depressed as to what this says about humanity.  hate always wins.


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