impending electoral dysphoria

Electoral Dysphoria – a proposal for a new DSM diagnosis, a subcategory of anxiety, with symptoms including restlessness, inability to sleep, heightened anxiety lasting until November 9th, nausea, headache, fits of rage, spontaneous bursts of ranting, and the desire to punch people in the face…

Down-ticket voting:

A good place to research your ballot and candidates in your state, I think, is ballotpedia, which I believe is informative and, most importantly, impartial.

Ballotpedia (

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on down-ballot voting here (comedy central).

Third Party options?  There’s always Evan McMullin, if he’s on the ballot in your state.


Colbert missed a prime opportunity there to make a Joseph Smith joke.  And yes, Joseph Smith did actually run for president.


and just electoral anxiety/stress/shit-fuckery in general:

Of course, they forget lots of people work on the weekends as well – healthcare staff, security guards, retail workers…  it’s still always going to be an inconvenience.  I like the idea of making it a national holiday – you’d also have to give your low-level employees that day off though, unlike a lot of national holidays.  and then November 9th, National Hangover Day, and/or existential hangover , if you prefer …for those smarter than me who don’t take masochistic relief in sweet sweet gut poison…







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