Musicians Against Trump/Election soundtrack

The current list, as of 11/6/16 is 45 and counting…

The official homepage is here.  The YouTube page is here.

My favorite of the 30, 40.. songs in 30 days so far is:

and favorite music video so far:



My own personal, spur of the moment, fuck-this-election playlist (so far) is:

TSOL – “World War III” (T.S.O.L./Weathered Statues)


Against All Authority – “Pestilent Existence” [myspace, 3/10/17, might not work] (24 Hour Roadside Resistance) (or here)

Nashville Pussy – “Hate and Whiskey” (Get Some!) (live version here)

TSOL – “Abolish Government” (T.S.O.L.)

Die Toten Hosen – “Alles Wie Immer” (Unsterblich)

Steamin’ Pyle – “War on the Poor”

Devo – “Freedom of Choice”

Minor Threat – “Guilty of Being White” (Minor Threat)

Iggy Pop & the Stooges – “Gimme Danger” (Raw Power)

Against All Authority – I Think You Think Too Much (24 Hour Roadside Resistance) [note 3/10/17, can’t seem to get this to play, hope you have better luck]

Die Toten Hosen – “Wofür Man Lebt” (Unsterblich)

Die Toten Hosen – Warum Werde Ich Nicht Satt?? (Unsterblich)

Wreckless Eric – “There Isn’t Anything Else” (Wreckless Eric)

Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control (Live in Liverpool)

Nashville Pussy – “Pussy Time” (Get Some!)

Gov’t Mule – “Broke Down on the Brazos” (By a Thread)

James Brown – “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

Runaways – “I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are”

Walter Trout – “Welcome to the Human Race” (The Outsider)

The Pixies – “Hey Asshole” (theoretical outro)

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